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Athleisure – When Activewear goes to Work!

Posted on May 11 2017

Fashion is extremely unpredictable nowadays. The latest trend to sweep insta and the likes, is being hailed as Athleisure, or Activewear that you wear all the time, including to school, and work. We know what most of you will think, that most office settings do not allow such blasphemy at all! We will get to that!

Why the trend?

Let’s get the first things out of the way, Gym Clothes are comfortable. If it were upto us, we would definitely make them an everyday uniform for everyone. Studies have shown that an employee who is comfortable is almost thrice as efficient. Google adopted this principle probably before anyone else, and look where it took them! More and more corporates are now allowing employees to wear comfortable gym clothes to work, and it has actually helped in propelling company growth. The trend, therefore, soon caught on!

How to wear?

While we do not recommend wearing your favourite dry fit shorts into work just as yet, definitely not if your legs harbour a rainforest habitat, you can wear your jogger pants with a nice neutral t-shirt for all day comfort at work or school. Women can always wear their favourite yoga pants in place of leggings, as both will look almost the same, and the special dry fit, breathable material does make the summer heat more comfortable. Complete the look with your favourite sports shoes…

Be advised, Athleisure does not mean you wear only your gym vest to work, unless you do work at a gym. You must dress decent, appropriate while maintaining the desired level of comfort.

Green Energy

Many Activists have argued that when we go to work in formals, and then change to Activewear for the gym, and then change back to something else when we are done, we are wasting thrice the amount of energy in washing all three. Therefore, some genius came up with athleisure, where you wear the same clothes all day, go to the gym, and wash them at the end of the day! Thankfully, Gym Clothes are designed to take the pounding all day long…


Not only work or school, your gym clothes are best for a trip to the beach as well! The fabric withstands salt water and sand much better than regular cotton, and needs less cleaning too. What’s more, the moisture wicking properties ensure you get an absolute dry feeling no matter how much you sweat!

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