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All you need to know about spot reduction exercise

Posted on January 04 2018

Most of us are probably left with a little beer belly and slightly bigger love handles, thanks to all the Christmas and New Year parties last month. If you’re wistfully imagining just those pesky bits gone, you might want to know more about spot reduction.

What is spot reduction?

Spot reduction is the idea of targeting fatty tissue in certain areas where your body stores extra fat – this is usually the lower abdomen, side of your hips (love handles), thighs and buttocks.

Common exercises for spot reduction

Spot reduction exercises were created to cater to those specific areas, where the focus is on toning and burning fat from some parts of the body. Workouts that promise to sculpt your arms, tone your thighs and melt away belly fat are all based on the premise of spot reduction. Crunches for your abdomen, side stretches for the hips, twists for the lower belly and love handles – these are all the most common exercises recommended to blast fat from one area alone.

Is this real or just a myth?

For years, the idea of spot reduction has been sold to us by gym instructors, weight loss experts, fitness magazines and even that skinny friend who swears by stomach crunches. Unfortunately, several studies have recently taken the fitness world by storm by disproving the idea that spot reduction exercises work. Our bodies can only universally burn fat.

Targeting a specific area results in increasing muscle tone, strengthening the area and burning calories – all of which are great for your body BUT it does not reduce or eliminate the fat from the area you were working on.

So how can body fat be burnt?

Fat can only be lost from the body as a whole and the best way to do it is through a combination of cutting calories and regular exercise. When you burn more calories than you consume, your body starts burning the fat deposits it has stored for energy. Combine this with a workout plan which could include your common spot reduction exercises and you’ll find yourself looking toned and fabulous in no time at all. Yoga is also a great option to introduce into your workout routine – it tones up the body and is great for mental wellness as well.

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