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All You Need To Know About Sportwear/Activewear

Posted on July 12 2017

A stroll down memory lane!

Since time immemorial people have been indulging in sports and for that they have required appropriate gear to help them put their best foot forward. Since 1920, people have been playing sports like tennis, golf and polo and for ease of movement and comfort. The new sportswear trend reflected the styles and celebrity-sensibilities of that decade.

Back in the day famous athletes set trends and inspired sportswear around the globe. For instance, Bill Tilden, American Tennis Star and the 7 years reigning champion of the Davis Cup (1920-1926), initiated the trend of white lightweight woollen flannel slacks and cable-stitched white or cream-colored sweaters until 1927, when Jean Rene Lacoste beat him to take over the championship of the Davis Cup. Not only did he become the champion but also became the new trendsetter in town! His style of wearing a cotton polo shirt, a short-sleeved, pullover, knit shirt with a turned-over collar, for maximum upper torso movement. 

Soon after, Jean Rene Lacoste partnered with a knitwear manufacturer to launch polo t-shirts with the alligator logo on the left side, which reflected his nickname “Crocodile”!

Type of Sportswear

The sportswear scene is bombarded with a variety of types to choose from. These categories came into the market based on the various needs of the players. The different types of sportswear currently reigning are:

  • Breathable Sportswear
  • Moisture Wicking Sportswear
  • Stretchable Sportswear


Breathable Sportswear:

It’s a no brainer to say if sportsmen look for ‘breathable’ sportswear. The breathable feature basically means the player would have a more comfortable experience wearing it. The breathable factor implies the easy ventilation of air through the material, to keep the player sweat free and dry. In sportswear or active wear, the factor of air to easily circulate and flow through the fabric and keep the wearer comfortable is of utmost importance. Otherwise, the player would remain sweaty which not only is uncomfortable to wear but also restricts movement.

Moisture Wicking Sportswear:

Moisture wicking fabric is the material that provides moisture control for an athlete’s body. The moisture wicking fabric moves perspiration away from the athlete’s body to the hotter surface of the sportswear so that it can evaporate. What makes them ideal for sportswear is the face that they are soft, lightweight and stretchy. Not only does moisture wicking sportswear help an athlete perform better and keep them comfortable but will also prevent body odour free without any chemicals. Because of the popularity of the fabric, new variations of the material are being introduced in the market, like the dry wicking.

Stretchable Sportswear:

The self-explanatory stretchable the most commonly asked for material by athletes. The stretchability of the fabric helps the athlete move freely and not be restricted. These fabrics are lightweight and can support movements.

The Fabrics used for Sportswear:

While there are so many options to choose from when it comes to sportswear fabric, the top 4 that have been used the most are:

  1. Lycra
  2. Waterproof
  3. Mesh
  4. Micro Fibre


Lycra is basically Du Pont’s brand name for elastane. Lycra is a synthetic fibre which when combined with another fabric, even if it is a small percentage (as less as 2%), can provide a sizeable stretch, which may even go up to 4-7 times of the original size and come back once released. While it is comfortable and the aforementioned stretchability, Lycra has some more advantages. It is resistant to sunlight, sweat and improves movement and shape retention when used in a fabric.


Waterproof or water resistant fabrics are typically used for outdoor sports to get protection from weather conditions. Incase the fabric is water resistance then it will resist air too. Sometimes when fabrics claim to be water resistant, they can prevent the ingress of only a certain amount of water. So to keep a check, any fabric that can bear the water pressure of a minimum of 13,000 pascals, the fabric can be classified as waterproof.


Mesh is wildly popular with athletes who are looking for comfort, stretchability and ample ventilation in their sportswear. Mesh is a fabric with open spaces. Typically the mesh fabric is 85% fibre and 15% openings.  Every mesh fabric has differently sized holes. The mesh fabric is god sent for athletes who need constant ventilation especially for places where heat accumulates easily.


As the name suggests, micro fibre is a type of sportswear fabric made from fine fibre. Typically a fabric can be classified in the micro fibre category as long as its fibres have a ‘linear density’ of less than 1 denier (which is like 100 times finer than a human hair!). The common materials to make micro fibre fabric are polyesters, polyamides or polypropylenes. The micro fibre fabric is lightweight, has a luxurious drape and is still wind and water resistant, making it an ideal fabric for sportswear.

Show your sportswear some love!

Sometimes the moisture wicking fabric can work against you too, as they repel water in the washing machine as well. This makes it difficult to wash away sweat, grime, dirt, etc which leaves your sportswear smelling foul for days. The best way to deal with such a situation is to pre-soak your sportswear in an antimicrobial detergent or better still hit your kitchen and soak them in a vinegar solution. Always stay away from fabric softeners when it comes to washing your technical wear as they create a barrier for your detergent to reach the dirt. Another tip to keep your fabric last longer is to wash them inside out in cold water.

Cotton is also a material used quite often for sportswear as they keep you cool and airy throughout your games. The best way to care for your cotton outfits is to not dry them in the dryer as they tend to shrink. Instead, they hem air dry out in the open to keep them fresh and well fitted.

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