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A Guide for the Forever Hungry!

Posted on May 03 2017

Persistent hunger and cravings for sugary treats is an after effect of hard training regimes which is extremely difficult to control and conquer. The very fact that these cravings are tied to our most basic primal functions and instincts offers very little relief from the ordeal.

What is It?

About a month or so into your fitness routine, when the results are just about showing up, you may notice a sudden increase in your craving towards sugar and carb rich foods. This is actually your body’s natural defence mechanism kicking in. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Your fitness routine involves working out and cutting down calories. What it may do, is trigger the body’s natural defence mechanism, where it assumes you are in some sort of a famine, and starts conserving fat. Our body releases certain hormones which trigger the sweet tooth in us, making us look at all things sugary like a dreary eyed traveller looking for water!

Lower your Carbs!

You can get an immediate relief by cutting down on carbs. With fewer carbs to process, your blood will have more surplus insulin, and it can control blood glucose levels more effectively, cutting down your sugar cravings.

Double Check your Diet!

If you are feeling hungry mid meals and craving food, it’s time you look at your diet. In the quest to eradicate fat completely from our diet, we often take it a step too much, and in the process, destroy the balance in nutrition that we need. Fats like natural oils, seed butter and fish fats are actually good for you. They also keep you feeling full longer, providing you with the nourishment you require. Do skip on the processed fat, but let the natural fats in!


In case you have done none of the above, it may be that you just need more energy. We recommend keeping a bag of nuts, cashew, walnuts or almonds handy for those mid meal snacks. Just remember not to overdo them, as too many nuts can in turn make your calorie intake fly off the charts! Another alternative is an apple or a banana in between meals.

It’s all about good habits, and a little self-motivation

At the end of the day, you do need to inculcate certain good habits in your life to stay ahead of the game. Sleep well, and sound. No amount of nutrition will help you get the same benefits. Walk, as much as you can. If you lead an active lifestyle, you will slowly realize the benefits of having one, and these hunger cravings will become far more manageable.

Good Luck!

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