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7 Inspiring Fitness Accounts To Follow Now To Awaken Your Inner Fitness Freak

Posted on June 21 2018

Looking fit has always been in, but Instagram has taken it to a whole new level. Now you can browse through feeds of fitness influencers, be it toned celebrities, dedicated gym bunnies, sexy yogis or athletes. And it's no longer something done

Here are the top seven fitness influencer accounts you need to follow right now to get your daily dose of fitness inspiration:

1) Devrath Vijay

Who says you need to hit the gym to get fit? Devrath uses his body weight, fluid movements, and everyday objects to get into shape!

2) Shivoham

If looking fit and sexy is your goal, Shivoham and Vrinda Mehta will take you there with Shivfit - an all-encompassing fitness program that focuses both on the body and mind.

3) Kayla Itsines

If seeing Before and After pics is what gets you into action mode, then Kayla’s feed is the one you need to follow now! The travel and food pics and the inspiring quotes don’t hurt either.

4) Jen Selter

Want to look like Kim Kardashian? Forget the contour kits and follow Jen instead! Her Insta feed is what aspirational dreams are made of!

5) Joe Wicks

Joe appreciates the importance of both diet and exercise in fitness. Check out his feed to see the delectable array of treats that you can have on your fitness journey!

6) Radhika Bose

Like yoga, fashion, poetry, and travel? Then don't miss out on Radhika's Insta feed! Headstands, tree poses, stretches - it's all here and you'll be inspired to join a yoga class too!

7) Padmavati Iyengar

Follow Padmavati Iyengar for your daily dose of fitness inspiration served with a big dose of optimism. This Zumba enthusiast has her own Youtube video where she shares short, powerful videos with easy Zumba routines.

Don't think of fitness as a short-term solution for weight loss. Instead, make workouts a part of your lifestyle. Create an exercise plan and stick to it. Add workout wear to your wardrobe and replace the pub and the spa with gyms and yoga studios. You'll notice the change right away.

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