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6 Must-Haves in Every Tennis Players Bag!

Posted on July 06 2017

When playing a sport, especially tennis, there’s nothing called “too prepared”! People get hurt, gears get damaged, the weather doesn’t co-operate, and the possibilities are limitless. With the International Wimbledon Day passing recently, we put together 6 essentials must haves for every tennis player’s bag!

  1. Extra Sports T-Shirts

At any sport, situations can get sweaty and outfits get extremely uncomfortable. And such situations lead to a lack of focus and that may just cost you a game. To tackle such situations it’s just wise to keep 2-3 sports t-shirts handy. Especially if you have the sweat wicking t-shirts from Piranha! They wick moisture and keep you fresh and active throughout the game.

  1. Spare Rackets (2-4) and Tennis Balls:

While playing the sport, one can’t foresee how the racket may get damaged. The strings may break or the racket can slip out of our hands and crack. To keep the game going, always keep one or two spare rackets in hand. Also, if you are more likely to break the strings then keep extra strings or a roll of it handy.

You don’t want to be that one person who keeps asking other for tennis balls while a game is on. Be a sport and keep extras in hand. Keeping extra tennis balls also comes handy to warm up before a match/tournament. 

  1. Water/Sports Drink:

You can never be too cool to not bring some sort of hydration while playing a sport. Always ensure you have water or a sports drink to keep you from fatigue. It is just unsafe to be dehydrated while physically exerting yourself during a sport.

  1. Spare Towels:

Things get sweaty after a match under the sun and your towel is what gets you through that! Other than just sweat management, the other important uses of a towel can be in case you fall on the clay and need something to wipe yourself with or just a stretch out on the grassy lawn or the court.

  1. Extra Overgrips:

A dirty or a slippery overgrip can cost you big time if during a crucial service game. If the need be replaced the old ones with new ones. It’s just good sense to keep extra overgrips handy.

  1. First Aid Kit:

Getting injured during a game is inevitable and for that one always needs a first aid kit with essential items like athletic tape, pre-wrap, an antiseptic cream, a nail clipper and a pain relief spray. Everyone keeps different items with them, but these basics will take you through any injury.

Keep these essentials with you and have a great game!

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