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5 Snack Recipes For The Fit Foodie

Posted on June 04 2018

It is easier to pick up a plate of steaming hot Samosas or a bag of chips when you are hungry, and a lot of times, we find ourselves reaching out to unhealthy snacks when the hunger pangs hit us. It is probably because these are easy to find, are tastier, and take up a lot less time to whip up than a bowl of healthy salad. But, you know that these unwholesome come along with a bundle of guilt and these are just empty calories which are not helping your body in any way. In this week’s post, we bring you some lip-smacking healthy recipes that you can munch on daily but without the guilt! 

  1. The Good Old Peanut Masala

This protein-rich snack is the best way to keep those annoying hunger pangs away. Available in every household, peanut masala can be made with roasted or boiled peanuts. Just add half a cucumber, some chopped tomatoes and onions and a dash of lemon, and you are all set to savour this delicious snack in minutes! 

  1. Roasted Chickpeas

A very desi snack, roasted chickpeas are perfect for snacking because they are low in calories. Chickpeas also are high in their magnesium and calcium content. You can dry roast the chickpeas and then season them with your favourite flavours. Peri Peri, Italian herbs, Indian spices, or even a simple seasoning of salt and pepper can make it delicious! 

  1. Hummus

An all-time favourite Mediterranean snack, hummus is not just high in phosphorus, iron, and protein but it is high on taste as well. Grind a few soaked chickpeas along with some salt and olive oil and drizzle it with paprika and you have your own homemade hummus! 

  1. Home Made Popcorn

Everyone loves pop corn! Munch on air popped pop corn for a snack that is healthy, tasty and takes literally a few minutes to make. Air popped pop corn is high on fibre from the corn and low in calories. So, the next time you are craving something, just pop a few corns in the oven, season them (without butter, obviously), and then you can munch away to glory! 

  1. Banana Oats Pancakes

Craving something sweet but want to limit your sugar intake? Then try out these yummy banana and oats pancakes. Mix a bowl full of powdered oats with two ripe bananas, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, and two eggs and make pancakes out of them. Swap your regular syrup with some organic honey and you have the sweetest and delectable pancakes on your table! 

Healthy eating is the first step to a healthy you! Make the right choices while eating and working out, and you will see the difference for yourself!
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