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10 Daily Food Substitutes for Healthy Eating

Posted on February 08 2018

Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean going on a fully green diet, saying goodbye to all your favorite food and spending all day wishing you could swap your salad for a pizza. You’ll be surprised to know how making a few tiny tweaks to your existing eating habits can make a world of difference.

We have a list of little food/ingredient swaps you can make in your kitchen that will help you stay on top your healthy eating plans.

  1. Rice with grains or millets

Swapping one meal a day with millets instead of rice will go a long way in boosting your overall health and aiding in weight loss. Mix it up with a variety of locally grown millets available in the market – jowar, bajra, ragi are all full of nutrition minus the starch that rice contains.

  1. Soft drinks with tea

Instead of reaching for a coke, sip a herbal tea instead. You can also swap your morning cup of chai with green tea. This ensures you get your dose of antioxidants for the day.

  1. Refined oil with seed oils

If you haven’t already done this, you need to start ASAP! Cutting out refined oil from your diet is not just easy but so beneficial for you. Replace it with seed oils like mustard, coconut, olive or sunflower oils. Extra bonus points if you can get them cold pressed, organic and unrefined!

  1. Potato chips with popcorn

This one is for when the junk food craving hits during a Netflix marathon. You can still indulge in popcorn (without the butter) because it has 1/3rd fewer calories per serving as compared to chips.

  1. Milk with almond milk

This one seems a bit exotic in the Indian context but if you absolutely must have milk, then we recommend using almond milk instead. It has 6 times lesser sugar per serving than regular milk and many more nutrients.

  1. Sugar with jaggery

Sugar is one of the worst offenders when it comes to healthy eating. All it gives you is empty calories and a few extra inches around your waist. Swap it with good old gur or even honey to get some actual benefits from your sweetener.

  1. Sports drink with coconut water

Next time you’re at the gym and reach for your sports drink, think twice. Coconut water has 16 times more potassium and half the sugar contained in the sports drink. As a bonus, it is also fully free from preservatives and comes straight from Mother Nature.

  1. Peanut butter with almond butter

Store bought peanut butter contains so much added sugars and hydrogenated vegetable oils. Either make it at home or buy some good quality almond butter to spread on your morning toast.

  1. White bread with multi-grain bread

White bread is made with refined flour processed so heavily that it loses all the goodness of the flour. Switch to multi-grain brown bread which is less processed, therefore healthier.

  • Breakfast cereal for muesli

Plain cereal is an easy, filling option for rushed mornings. Muesli contains oats, honey, chocolate, wheat flakes and dried fruits. Swapping the cereal for a big bowl of muesli, topped with fruits ensures you get your shot of fibre, carbs and other nutrients.

Now that you have an easy meal plan to follow, complement it with an hour of exercise every day. Shop stylish and breathable activewear from Piranha to feel good while staying fit!